Program and Speakers @Finland


9.00-9.10  Opening speech:
Dr. Jaana Leikas, Principal Scientist, VTT

9.10-9.30  ICT and robots in elderly care? Learning from engaging users (Introduction to the METESE project):
Dr. Marketta Niemelä, project leader (Finland), VTT

9.30-10.10  Adopting technologies in elderly care in Finland and Japan:
Dr. Kentaro Watanabe, project leader (Japan) and Dr. Ken Fukuda, Senior Researcher, AIST, Japan

10.10-10.30  METESE partner company presentations

10.30-11.00  Coffee break and technology demonstrations: Evondos, Epooq, Daiwa House

11.00-11.45  For a Harmonious Coexistence between Humans and Robots  – The situation of Aged Society in Japan and Robotics Business of Daiwa House:
Mr. Yukinori Sengoku,  Manager and Mr. Junichi Sato, Chief, Daiwa House, Japan

11.45-12.00  Conclusions and closing:
Dr. Marketta Niemelä

Visiting speakers from Daiwa House, Japan

Yukinori Sengoku: Manager (Department Head)

Yukinori Sengoku is a Manager of Robotics Business Department in Daiwa House Industry, Co. Ltd. Before he entered Daiwa House, he had worked at Sports Club NAS as an instructor of several programs including swimming, skiing, etc. He showed his skill in management therefore he was selected to establish new branches, reconstruct deficit branches as an assistant of president. His business model was highly regarded, and it was set an example to other sports clubs as a basis. In 2008 he entered Daiwa House Industry and took charge of sales and marketing of Robot Suit HAL®, other nursing care robots, and welfare equipment. Also, he worked for developing new products and new market including foreign countries. In 2015 he became a manager of Robotics Business Department.

Junichi Sato: Chief

Junichi Sato is a Chief of Robotics Business Department in Daiwa House Industry, Co. Ltd. After he graduated Lakeland College (WI, USA); major in biology, he entered Daiwa House as a sales representative of single-family housing. In 2008 he transferred to Robotics Business Department. He is not only in charge of sales of nursing care robots and equipment, but also in charge of overseas business related to nursing care robots.