Responsibility in innovation: one remark from the joint seminar

On 5th May, the joint seminar of three projects including METESE was held in Lahti, Finland.

Seminar on Meaningful Technologies for Daily Life: Seniors in Japan and Finland May 5, 2017, Lahti, Wanha Walimo, Masuuni hall, 9.30-14.30, organized by the following projects related to aging and technology

You can check the report of the seminar (only in Finnish).

Interesting discussion with several topics was taken place. The most important topic for me is how to harmonize upcoming technologies with our life and care for the others, especially for the elderly in the context of this seminar.
Previous technology-led innovations (e.g., automotive, internet, mobiles) changed our life dramatically, and we cannot even imagine the life before its diffusion.
One big challenge of such technology-led innovations lies in this irreversibility.
Even if diffusion of technologies would affect our life and society, we cannot turn back the clock. Therefore prior / in-parallel assessment of the innovation process, for example, using the evaluation approach by Hyytinen (see below) is meaningful.

The results of each project, presented in the seminar emphasized the importance of multi-stakeholders’ perspectives toward technology for the elderly and elderly-care. I reconfirmed that constructive discussion based on such study about innovation and technology can contribute to better life of the elderly.

Hyytinen, K. (2017) Supporting service innovation via evaluation: a future oriented, systemic and multi-actor approach, doctoral dissertation, Aalto University.